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Free Domain .FREE

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Editor's Rating2.50
User Rating(3.00 based on 4 votes)
Years in service10
Is GeoTargetableyes
Is Indexed in Googleyes
Is TLDyes
Supports IDNyes
Free Domains1
Domain OwnerdotFree Group s.r.o.
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FREE gTLD is the latest initiative of the dotFree Group. Supposedly, once after 2012 when new gTLDs come, .FREE will be among them, sponsored by dotFree Group.

While we don't honestly believe they will be able to acquire close to $200,000 needed for initial domain sponsorship investment (for the first year and $50,000+ every subsequent year), we agree their intention is good and a this service long awaited. We wish them best of luck!

Preregistrations of FREE domains are now open.

User Reviews and Comments

Free Domain .FREE

Rating: 4 out of 5

Ya. I registered stuff like,, stuff like that.

Free Domain .FREE

from SSSR, Moskva, Let 82'
Rating: 2 out of 5

By now it's only a pre-register, but in the future they plan this to be available.

I found some informations on Internet that are saying that this is only a pishing site and that this is used to stole "bitcoins", that has the malware "Kelihos botnet" and some other things, so try by your own risk!

Free Domain .FREE

from china
Rating: 1 out of 5


Free Domain .FREE


dotFree Group s.r.o. has seemingly disassembled by pointing the nameservers for their official website into oblivion. The website is down. Even, their registration contact address, appears to be a "site for sale". With the last tweet made in early 2012, this wasn't too unexpected.

The future of the .free domain remains even more so uncertain.

Free Domain .FREE

Rating: 5 out of 5

It is a pity that they have no possibility to finish their very great business with domain -free-. I`ve pre-registrated some very super wow domains and hope I shall have them or with money or free soon in a little time. Such very cool domain must live and be in used. The name of domain is simple wow! Shall wait their site to open again. Thanks to them and all the best and investor with financial support.

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